Remove a payment profile if it is no longer being used to collect payments.

IMPORTANT: If a profile is deleted and it was associated with one or more plans, another payment profile MUST be assigned to the plan before automatic payment processing can continue.


Anytime a payment profile is no longer valid.

Permission Level


Things to Know

  • For each plan that had been assigned the deleted payment profile, choose a different payment profile to charge.
  • The Potential Payment Issues report is an easy way to view and address future payments that will not process due to an issue with a payment profile.
  • Some reasons a payment should be deleted include:
    1. Difficulty collecting money owed using the selected payment profile
    2. An account is closed or there is a need to contact the card holder
    3. A client informs you they would like to use a different payment method
    4. The client is no longer participate in the wellness program.
  • If the Authorize.Net Account Updater is activated, any account that is closed or needing attention will be identified in the application.

In the Manage Payment Profiles page

In the Payment Profile tab of the Client Summary Page


  1. Search for and select the client for which to remove the payment profile.
  2. From within the Client Summary page, go to Client Administration > Manage Payment Profiles.
  3. Find the payment profile to remove.
  4. Click delete.
  5. Click Delete Payment Profile to remove the selected payment profile from Petly Plans and Authorize.Net®

  1. Click return to client page when finished managing payment profiles.

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