An administrator or manager can update a credit card or debit card information from within the Credit Card Expirations report. This may be done if an address has changed or the card is expired or expiring.

  1. Place the mouse pointer over the Menu and select Reports > Credit Card Expirations.
  2. Click the desired preset report link.
  3. Search for the client for which to update card information.
  4. Click the Update link to the right of a client to open the Edit Payment Profile page in a new tab on the browser.
  5. From the Card Expiration lists, select the new month and year in which the card will expire.
  6. Make any changes to the Billing Address associated with the card.
  7. Click the Update Credit Card button to update the information.
  8. Close the tab to return to the preset Credit Card Expirations Report.
  9. Click the Update Credit Card button to save the information and return to the report.
  10. When finished, click the Generate New Report button to return to the Credit Card Expiration Report page.