When viewing a preset report, an administrator or manager can edit filters to change the information that displays.

  1. When viewing a Plan Item Data preset report, click the Edit Report Filters button. The Advanced Filters page appears with the preset report filters selected.
  2. Note: The original preset report will display below the advanced filters.

  3. Make any criteria adjustments to display different information on the report.
  4. Notes:
    • If searching for an Item(s) to Include or Item(s) to Exclude begin typing a description to find an item containing the letters and/or numbers or click the field to display a list of items. Click a name to select it. Continue selecting each item for which to search. To remove an item, click the X to the right of the name.
    • Use the back to plan item data report presets link to return to the main Plan Item Data Report page.
  5. Click the Generate Report button to display the updated information.
  6. When finished, click the Generate New Report button to return to the main Plan Item Data Report page.