The Petly Plans Dashboard will display a Hospital Goals and Leader Board section at the top of the page if the Performance tracking feature is activated.

Note: If a staff member is logged in, the Hospital Goals and Leader Board will display followed by a section containing that staff member’s individual goals and points earned as of the current date and time.


The bar graph on the left displays practice goals for the week, month, quarter and year and indicates the specific date range currently being viewed. For each time frame:

  • Number on the left to indicate the current number of points earned.
  • A bar graph representing the percentage of the total goal earned thus far.
  • A number on the right indicating the practice goal for that term.
  • The gray bar within the graph shows where the practice should currently be at in points earned to reach overall goals.
  • The color-coded bar below each shows the percentage of points earned of the total goal set for that period.
    • Green signifies points earned exceeded current expectations.
    • Yellow signifies points earned are within 75% of current expectations.
    • Red signifies points earned are below 75% of current expectations. 

The Leader Board displays each staff member set up within the application and the number of points earned by that user so far. If an image is added to a user profile, that picture will display to the left of the user name.