The Performance Tracking Overview page displays a summary of current practice and staff goals for the month, quarter and year. From this page, an administrator can update performance actions and manage practice and staff goals and points.

The Hospital Overview section toward the top of the page displays the practice Goal, points currently Achieved and points Expected to be earned within the identified time frame.

  • Goals indicate what the practice is aiming for in terms of points earned.
  • Achieved is the number of points actually earned.
  • Expected identifies where the practice should currently be in terms of points earned.

Below is the staff overview section. This displays the name of each user and a breakdown of goals, points earned so far and the number of points that should be earned at this time to reach the goal set for the month, quarter, and year. The color-coded blocks indicate the range in which each staff member is within his or her current goal expectation.

  • Red indicates point earnings are below 75% of expectation.
  • Yellow indicates point earnings are within75% of expectation.
  • Green indicates the staff member has surpassed current expectations. 

The Manage link to the far right of each user is used to access the goals overview page for that staff member.