If the Manage Goals button is selected within the Performance Tracking Overview page, a summary of practice performance appears. An administrator also has the option of managing points and settings goals for the practice and individual staff members.

Monitor performance of the practice or a staff member by selecting a name to the left of the Overview tab. The bar graph on the left displays practice goals for the week, month, quarter and year and identifies the date range currently being viewed. For each time frame, the number on the left is the current number of points earned; the bar graph representing the percent of the total goal earned thus far; the number on the right is the goal for that term. The gray bar shows where the user should currently be at in points earned to reach overall goals. The color-coded bar below each shows the percent of points earned of the total goal for that time frame. (Green = exceeds expectations, Yellow = within 75% of expectations, Red = below 75% of expectations).

The Monthly Summary on the right displays information for each type of plan action done within the current month by default. The month and year can be changed if needed to display plan actions for that time. The description column displays the name of each type of action being tracked. The Value column displays the number of points assigned the action, the ACH column displays the total number of times an action was performed and the Total column displays the number of points earned. This total is calculated by multiplying the value of the action times the number of times the action was performed (Total = Value * ACH).

Note: This information can also be accessed by hovering the mouse pointer over the Menu and selecting Admin > Users > Manage Performance to the right of a user.

The Points tab displays details about points earned by the selected user. Each line item includes the point value of the action, the name of the performance action, the date credited for the action, the name of the associated client and pet and the start date of the plan.

For each user point information can be edited, points earned deleted, and associated plans viewed.

Note: If a client has several pets and a plan is added for one, the Multi Pet Plan Enrollment points will automatically apply to any other plan added for that client within a twenty-four hour period.

The Points Report button will open the Points Report page in a separate tab on the browser. The Add Points button is available to manually enter points for the selected staff member. The numbers to the right show the range of records currently displayed out of the total available. To the right of this may be a listing of pages that can be used to scroll through the records. Click a page number to go directly to that page, click the left arrow (<) or right arrow (>) to move backward or forward through the pages, click the First link to move to the first page of records or click the Last link to move to the last page.

Use the Goals tab to set the target number of points to earn in the selected year for the user displayed to the left. Goals display based on the year selected in the Manage Goals by Year field and can be calculated by entering an annual goal, entering quarterly goals or entering monthly goals. Whichever method is used, the application automatically calculates the remaining fields if the Auto Calculation checkbox is selected.