An administrator can manually add points to a user's goals if, for example, the practice is tracking plan presentations

  1. From within the Performance Tracking Overview page, click the Manage Goals button. An overview page appears.
  2. From the list to the left of the Overview tab, select the name of the user. Performance information for the selection appears in the area below.
  3. Select the Points tab to display plan actions associated with the selected user.
  4. Click the Add Points button. An Add Point for [User] pop-up window appears.
  5. Optional: In the Wellness Plan ID field, type the unique identification number of the preventative care plan for which to assign points to this user.
  6. From the Action list, select the plan action performed. The Value field automatically displays the points associated that action.
  7. In the Date Performed field, enter the date on which the action was performed by either typing the date or selecting it from a calendar
  8. Click the Add Points button to add the points for the selected user and return to the Points tab.