An administrator can set performance goals for the practice and participating users

  1. From within the Performance Tracking Overview page, click the Manage Goals button. An overview page appears.
  2. From the list to the left of the Overview tab, select either the name of the practice or individual user. Performance information for the selection appears in the area below.
  3. Select the Goals tab.
  4. If needed, from the Manage Goals by Year list, select a year for which to assign goals.
  5. Verify a check mark displays in the Auto Calculation check box if the application should automatically calculate remaining annual, quarterly and/or monthly goals based on the number(s) entered in a specific field(s).
  6. Enter goals for the selected year by doing one of the following:
    •  In the [Year] Annual Goal field, type the total number of points to earn for the year. The points for each quarter and month are automatically calculated based on the number entered.
    • In each Quarter Goal field, type the number of points to earn for the quarter. The points for the selected year and each month in that quarter are automatically calculated.
    • In each [Month] field, type the number of points to earn for the month. The points for the quarter and annual goal are automatically calculated.
  7. Click the Save button to update the goal information.
  8. Continue entering goals for each applicable user.
  9. When finished, select the return to overview link to return to the Performance Tracking Overview page.