Usage groups categorize like wellness plan items. When items associated with a group are included on a plan, staff only selects one to be used. The remaining items in the group are marked used as part of the group after the selected item is invoiced and synchronization occurs. For example, a plan may use dental radiographs or regular radiographs but not both. Both are added to the template and when one type of radiograph is used on a plan, the other is marked used as part of the group.

The Item Groups page displays each group title and number of associated items. An administrator can add a new group, edit an existing group or delete a group no longer being used. If deleted, the association with items is removed but each item remains on the wellness plans.

The Edit Usage Group page is used to add a new usage group or edit an existing group.If there are any items already associated with the usage group, each will display in the area below the title.