The Points report can be used by administrators or managers to view information on specific actions performed as part of the Performance tracking feature. An administrator can narrow the report to performance actions that were done within a specific date range, those performed by a certain staff member(s), and/or the type of action performed. These include plan enrollments, multi-pet plan enrollments, plan upgrades, adding items and any action manually added by an administrator.

When the Build Custom Report button is selected an Advanced Filters page displays options for narrowing the report to information that meets specific criteria. When generated, the application searches the database for records that match the condition(s) and displays them on the report.

Filters include:

Date Range: View information for plan actions performed within a specified set of dates.

User(s): View plan actions for a specific staff member(s).

Performance Action(s): View information for a specific plan action that was performed.

Columns to include checkboxes: Indicate which column(s) to display on the report. 


    • Username: Display the login name of the staff member associated with a performance action.
    • Point ID: Display the unique identification number assigned the point(s) for an action.
    • Value: Display the point value for an action.
    • Performance Action ID: Display the unique identification number assigned an action.
    • Performance Action Description: Display the name of the action performed.
    • Date Credited: Display the date and time on which the action occurred.