Plan items are imported from the practice management software (PiMS) during synchronization. To make changes to these synced items, do the following:

  1. Place the mouse pointer over the Menu and select Admin > Wellness Plan Items to display the Wellness Plan Items page.
  2. Click the Edit link to the right of the item to modify. The Edit Wellness Plan Item dialog box appears.
  3. From the Unlimited Usage list:
    1. Select No if a specific quantity of the item is offered.
    2. Select Yes if there is no limit to the number of this item offered.
  4. From the Sex list:
    1. Select Male if this item only applies to males.
    2. Select Female if it only applies to females.
    3. Select Any if any pet can use this item.
  5. In the True Value field, type the price to charge for one unit of the item when cancelling a plan if different from the dollar amount imported from the PiMS.
  6. Note: To change the true value to the price in the PiMS, type same or leave this field blank. If a zero is typed, the system assumes the true value is $0.00.
  7. From the Sync Usage list:
    1. Select Yes if the item usage will be updated during synchronization.
    2. Select No if the item usage will not be updated during synchronization.
  8. From the Include on Renewal Plans list:
    1. Select Yesif the item will be added to renewal plans.
    2. Select No if it will not be included on renewal plans.
  9. From the Usage Group list, select the category to which this item should be associated.
  10. In the Instructions field, type guidelines for item usage.
  11. Click the Confirm button to save any changes and exit.