Petly Plans synchronizes with your practice management system (PIMS) and payment gateway automatically on a nightly bases to keep the application up-to-date. 

An administrator can perform manual syncs with the PIMS by going to Admin > Syncs & Automation within the menu.


  • Sync Clients (standard) or Quick Sync: Click to import new clients and update existing client information.
  • Sync Pets (standard) or Quick Sync: Click to import new pets and update existing pet information.
  • Sync Items (standard): Click to import new wellness plan items and update existing items. Any item ID that starts with WP in the PiMS is added or updated within the application.
  • Process Item Usage (standard): Click to synchronize invoice items from the PiMS and attempt to match invoiced items to usage based on the pet and currently active plan. (This includes all past invoices, not those posted today.)

Note: A standard sync will fully update the database and a quick sync will update the database for the last 30 days only.

The HISTORY area displays the date and time of the sync, the type of sync run and the results.