Move client, patient and plan information to a new account for a client with an ID change.


  • A client ID is changed in the Practice Management Software (PiMS) and the client already exists in Petly Plans under a previous ID for the client.

Things to Know

  • The client account merging from:
    • Does not have to be active
    • Does not have to have a patient(s) associated with the account.
  • The client account merging into:
    • CANNOT have a payment profile(s) already associated with the account.
    • The client must be active.
  • Upon confirmation, the payment profile(s), patient(s) and plan(s) information is moved to the new account for the client and the previous client account is inactivated

Permission Level

  • Administrator


  1. Log into Petly Plans as an Administrator.
  2. Search for the name or ID of the client.
  3. Verify both client IDs are listed in the search results.
  4. If there is only one listing for the client:
    1. In the Search field, click advanced.
    2. Place a check mark in the Clients with no Pets checkbox.
    3. Search for the client.
    4. If the client does not display in the search results, perform a quick sync to update Petly Plans and perform another search. (The sync may take several minutes to complete.)
  5. Click the <client name> link associated with the previous ID for the client.
  6. Within the Client Summary Page, go to Client Administration > Merge Client.
  7. In the Merge Client New search field, type the name or new ID for the client.
  8. Select the name from the list.

  1. Click Merge.
  2. Verify the information is accurate.

  1. Click Confirm.

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