If a search of the knowledge base does not provide the necessary answer to a question or there is an issue with the Petly Plans software application, email support@petlyplans.com or create a support ticket to request assistance. A representative will email a response within 24 hours Monday – Friday during normal business hours.

  1. Within the Petly Plans application, place the mouse pointer over the user name in the upper right area of the page.
  2. Select Helpdesk. The Petly Plans Help Desk opens in a different tab on the browser.
  3. Click New Support Ticket. A Submit a ticket form appears.
  4. In the Customer Email field, type the email address of the person to contact; press TAB. If this is the first time this email has been used to request support, a Name field appears. If this occurs, type the name of the contact and, in the Hospital Name field, type the name of the practice.
  5. In the Subject field, type a brief description of the issue; press TAB. Any solution that matches text typed in the Subject line display on the right.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • If there is a solution, click the hyperlink to view that answer.
    • If there is not a matching solution, continue with step 8.
  7. In the Description of Issue field, type additional details about the request such as the client,pet or plan with the issue and any information of which support should be aware.
  8. If necessary, attach any file(s) to include with the request in the Attach a file field by clicking the Browse button to search for and select the appropriate file(s). (Example: A screenshot of the issue.)
  9. Type the code listed in the Captchafield provided.
  10. Click the Submit button to send the information to the Support team. The email address listed on the request will receive a confirmation email.
  11. Note: Use the Cancel button to exit without sending the support request.
  12. Check the email address used to submit the request for a response from the Support team.
  13. If additional information or follow-up is needed, reply to the response email. Once the request is resolved, an additional Ticket Resolved confirmation email will be sent indicating the request has been closed.