During item synchronization, the IDEXX Petly Plans application searches the practice management software (PiMS) database for any item ID that starts with the letters WP, indicating it is a wellness plan item, followed by a unique identification number. Once found, the items are imported and appear on the Wellness Plan Items page.

Each record displays the item ID, description and unit price imported from the PiMS. Also included is the true value, which is used during plan cancellation if the standard price of the item is different than the price imported from the PiMS. For example, if an exam is normally forty dollars but the exam co-pay is ten dollars as part of the wellness program, the true value of the exam co-pay would be thirty dollars. This way, if a client cancels a plan, the practice will receive the total price for the exams. Next is the sex the item is associated with if applicable and the type of item it is (inventory item (I) or service item (S)). There is also information on whether or not the item has an unlimited quantity available for use with plans, is associated with a usage group, synchronizes with the PiMS and is added to renewal plan renewals. An administrator also has the option of adding a special instruction, editing an item’s information, deactivating an item that is no longer being used or reactivating an inactive item.

Note: If an item is inactivated or deleted in the PiMS, it is not automatically updated within the IDEXX Petly Plans application. It must be manually deactivate to remove it from all templates. This does not, however, affect existing plans that have the item already listed. The item must be manually deleted from these plans. If an item is reactivated in the PiMS, it must also be reactivated within the application and added to templates for future use.

The Edit Wellness Plan Item dialog box is used to modify information for a selected invoice item. The Item Information area displays data imported from the PiMS during synchronization. This information includes the item ID, description, unit price, and type.

Note: If any of this information is incorrect, change it in the PiMS and synchronize the databases. The updated information will appear in the IDEXX Petly Plans application.

Use the Item Options area to indicate whether or not the quantity available for use on wellness plans should be unlimited and/or if the item should be associated with a specific sex. Some examples of items that may be unlimited include nail trims, co-pay exams and technician office visits.

Note: If a pet is not listed as male or female in the PiMS, the item will not be added to their plan if associated with a sex. If the sex of a pet is changed after the plan is created, the item will not be included.

An administrator can specify the dollar amount to charge for the item when cancelling a plan if different from the price imported from the PiMS, indicate whether or not the item’s usage will be synchronized nightly and whether or not the item should be included on future renewal plans. An example of an item that might not need to be synchronized is one associated with the initial membership fee or first month’s payment. An item that would not be included on a renewal plan would be a neuter or spay.

Note: If the true value of an item is the price in the PiMS, the word ‘same’ will display in the field.

It is also possible to assign the item to a usage group. For example, if this is an x-ray item it may be assigned to the Radiographs group. Then, if this item and other items assigned to the Radiographs group are added to a plan and one used, the other items in the group are marked used as well.

The Instructions field will alert staff to any usage rules that apply to the item. For example, with puppy spays/neuters it may be required the pet be less than seven months of age to use the service.