Staff can use the Select button to indicate which item(s) will be used that day as part of the pet’s appointment. If an item with instructions is selected, staff must confirm the item meets the guidelines listed before it can be selected.

  1. Within the Client Summary Page, verify the correct pet and preventative care plan display.
  2. Select the ITEMS tab if needed.
  3. Optional: Place the mouse pointer over a red tool tip to display instructions for the item.
  4. Click the Select button to the right of each item to be used in the upcoming appointment. If the item has a special instruction, a confirmation dialog box appears; otherwise, the item(s) displays in a list at the bottom.
  5. Special instruction item only: Verify the item complies with the listed instructions and click the Select Item button to confirm the available usage.
  6. If needed, click the Remove link to the right of an item to delete it from the list of selected items.
  7. Once all applicable items have been selected, click the Print button on the bottom right to display an Item Usage Printout page containing information for each selected item and a total.
  8. Click the Click to Print This Page link and follow the prompts to print the information.
  9. Click the Return to Plan link to return to the Client Summary Page. The list of selected items no longer displays.
  10. Within the practice management software (PiMS), enter the item(s) on an invoice and process. The next time the application synchronizes with the PiMS, the item(s) usage will appear in the USAGE HISTORY tab.